In the conception of industry 4.0, sensors in production and quality control applications make their results available in the industrial network. In addition to the general requirements for a system operating in an industrial environment, the huge potential of this networked approach must be accompanied by a suitable security concept to prevent malfunction resulting in possibly severe consequences to production, material or humans. Such failure could be caused by mishandling, manipulation or other threats arising from the permanent connection of the industrial sensor within the fab.
Even though 100% security is not achievable, the tecSaaS®  embedded system was designed with an IT security concept to achieve a high level of protection. The embedded concept starts with a closed system based on dedicated hardware and non-standard firmware provides a basis of intrinsic security, because its architectural details are not known to the public. It is thus not possible to simply port malware to the tecSaaS® platform. In addition, a proprietary protocol combined with state-of-the-art technologies like encryption and authentication result in a system with low vulnerability to these kinds of threats.
The closed ecosystem provides a level of protection that does not depend on frequent updates and patches, which may cause excess effort for maintenance or service to prevent failures resulting in financial or personal damage.
For details about the security concept of the tecSaaS® platform, refer to the white paper.
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