Process Interface

Smart sensors and the respective information exchange will become one of the backbones of industry 4.0 scenarios. Additional measurement information improves the stability of production and aids flexible approaches in batch processes. Compared to traditional industrial setups, automated systems — such as a manufacturing line or agricultural machinery —  become more complex and usually operate in a distributed control system.

 The existing infrastructure, the real-time requirements, the amount of data to be transferred or other industrial standards may influence the selection of a suitable connection of the sensor to the industrial network.

Compared to classical sensor approaches measuring physical properties, spectrometer systems used as sensors sometimes require the consideration of additional external information: e.g. external measurement values can be used to correct for changes caused by variation in temperature, pressure or pH. Changing materials in productions may require switch to an adapted method of analysis. Using a modular concept to its design, embedded spectroscopy offers a choice of process interfaces to best cover your requirements.
All tecSaaS® based systems utilize Modbus TCP as a standard and any other industrial bus system is offered as an option.

If applications are discussed to implement additional sensors on mobile devices, special communication protocols ensure the communication of measurement data and facile integration in an vehicle infrastructure.
An extract of process interface options are:

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