Industrial Requirements

In contrast to the key requirements of a laboratory or scientific spectrometer, e.g to provide raw spectral data for comprehensive scientific analysis, an industrial sensor is supposed to generate the desired value or result only. Simplicity and reliability in operation, with a focus on the required result and maintenance information are predominant to assure that the sensor does not cause unnecessary interruptions or slow-down of the manufacturing processes. Other important aspects in the technical properties of a sensor at the factory include the industrial environmental requirements like IP protection and real-time capabilities to synchronize the operation with the manufacturing line. The equipment has to be rugged and extremely reliable to operate in a 24/7 schedule.

A diode array based spectroscopy systems has no moving parts and its operation is contactless, it is thus not subject to degradation caused by friction or wear. Using rugged optical and electronic parts, connections and mounting techniques with industrial electronics, low maintenance hardware can be provided by proper design of the instrument.

An embedded processing concept supports the idea of high availability or low maintenance for the measurement system. Once installed and put in operation, no regular maintenance or support breaks are necessary. An example video (link to the video) is available to illustrate this concept. In the best case, the system is connected to the process control system directly by an industrial interface without the requirement of additional computing or interfacing units. It provides only the required quality and status information over the industrial network – as configured by the operator.

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