UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer and photometer systems have been used in process and mobile [field] applications for many years. Optical measurements are fast, non-contact and require little maintenance. The spectral information gives a deep insight into a process or the status of agricultural parameters.
A new generation of smart embedded sensor systems has been introduced recently to make use of even more reliable and stable systems by eliminating the requirement for a PC to acquire, evaluate and process the spectral data. [Philosophy]
A wide variety of applications benefit from an embedded spectrometer unit. As a technology platform, it is not limited to a particular industry or application. It is an attractive option whenever there is the requirement for a reliable, compact UV-VIS-NIR sensor which needs to be integrated into a process or machine network.
Embedded spectroscopy systems have been introduced, e.g. in agriculture, to determine dry matter and additional ingredients on harvesting machines, plant reflection for selective fertilizer output, in an NIR manure sensing system for liquid manure distribution tanks, for soil sensing and in other measurement tasks.
In the coating industry, embedded spectrometer systems monitor the optical properties or the thickness of applied layers during production. Online concentration measurements of etching and plating bath parameters are performed in the galvanic and semiconductor industries to assure optimum product quality.
There are many more projects going on to implement this innovative technology!

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