No Programming Required

Embedded spectroscopy systems allow to create distributed sensors with internal data processing, adding the potential for fast, reliable and maintenance-free operation.

On the other hand, the user is familiar with the convenient operation of a PC-based spectroscopy system with powerful Windows software: a selection of functions and parameters is readily available for powerful spectral data processing and result calculations.. In contrast to embedded programming, the simplified setup and parameter setting of the hardware is the key advantage of a generic platformover a special instrument software, coded for one application with closed algorithms. This ease of operation makes a highly skilled programmer unnecessary and thus strongly shortens the time required for setup or time-to-market. Also, no additional protection of the IP [setup and algorithms] is required, making it safe against unwelcome access and competitors [Security].
To setup and monitor such a system, tools for different demands and occasions are provided. For setting up and detailed monitoring of a process, a powerful tool has to be provided, running in the usual environment, a PC [product information MPT]. To support a periodic monitoring it is convenient to use an APP for tablet or smartphones or a web server interface.

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MPT - Monitoring & Parametrization Tool :
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