Real Time Capabilities

A manufacturing process or a measurement task usually has a timing requirement, like a period of time or a particular instant when the results must be available. Even though the restrictions are very different between the applications, they are commonly referred to as real-time requirements.
In some applications, it is vitally important that the measurement result is available within a certain time. Other processes may simply require an instrument response at a certain time or a typical response time. Thus, the real-time requirements may be very diverse, and in some cases may cause significant difficulties for the engineering implementation.
However, there are a few general rules of hardware and software design to enhance the real-time capabilities of an embedded sensor. One of the designed-in features is the use an RTOS [Real Time Operating System], enabling in-time scheduling of important processes. Also, keeping the number of tasks at the minimum required, without functional overhead, reserves the available processing power to the important processing steps.
The real-time quality of the design of an embedded spectrometer helps to fulfill the requirements of time critical applications. However, the timing and processes have to be understood in detail to find out if the sensor system is capable to keep up with the pace of the process. A discussion with the designers and feasibility testing, using representative hardware, are absolutely mandatory to find out if an embedded system is able to satisfy the demands required of the process.

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