tecSaaS® for mobile applications - supporting ISOBUS

ISOBUS is a bus standard for agricultural equipment according to ISO 11783. It has been developed to quickly integrate analytic equipment as so-called electronic control units [ECUs] into vehicle systems. Based on this implementation, data can be exchanged directly over the vehicle bus. This enables the job controller to retrieve data from different on-board ECUs [e.g. GPS coordinates, results of different analyses, etc.] and compose the datasets for later analysises. Depending on the vehicle’s infrastructure, the data may also be communicated directly through wireless communications [GSM, WiFi].
If the ECUs also support a Virtual Terminal [VT], the analysis data and can be shown live on an ISOBUS Terminal. This enables the complete control and maintenance of the analytic equipment over the terminal. An additional controller or PC is obsolete.

Additional standards for automotive and agricultural applications:

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